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System Advocacy

System Advocacy

Studies are conducted to make recommendations to the community, service providers, governmental agencies and general assembly regarding any action that may facilitate and reform or streamline the provision of community-based and general governmental services to the deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind communities.

Policy makers, administrators, service providers and community members are engaged in the process from the research phase to the implementation phase. An actionable strategic plan to guide the community with transformation of the program/service, as well as the implementation of the recommendations, is the ultimate goal of the CCDHH.

Collaborative planning support is an integral part of system advocacy work. Efforts with community stakeholders to ensure programs are culturally and linguistically affirmative are vital, as time and funding are of the essence.

Centralized auxiliary services for the Executive Branch:

Efforts are being made to ensure an efficient, affordable and one-stop center for scheduling auxiliary services for state agencies within the Executive Branch.

Colorado Daylight Partnership (CDP):

A collaborative effort led by the Mental Health Center of Denver and CCDHH is designed to provide technical assistance to Colorado publicly-funded behavioral healthcare providers who desire to advance access to services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind Coloradans.

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