Information Sharing Workgroup | Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
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    Contact ACE

    For details or if you need communication accommodations, please contact:

    Paul Simmons, Co-Facilitator
    Rocky Mountain ADA Center
    719-358-2460 (VP/voice)

    Timothy Chevalier, Co-Facilitator
    Colorado Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    720-457-3679 (VP)
    303-866-4258 (voice)

    Upcoming Summit
    The Summit is open to the public.

    Announcement of the upcoming Summit will be made when it is scheduled.


    Develop an ongoing mechanism for information sharing among technical assistance providers for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind individuals, in order to increase collaboration and coordination.

    Intended Outcome

    The outcome is easy access to information across providers and better collaboration (e.g. leveraging each other’s services, decreasing duplication, being more efficient with collective resources), leading to better access to services for client.

    Action Plan