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    The Grant Program was created by the Colorado General Assembly. It provides funding appropriated by the General Assenbly, to organizations recommended by the Grant Subcommittee, to address the following priorities of the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind communities:

    • community access where auxiliary services and aids are made available (an exceptional reason is required as this is not to supplant the ADA);
    • community planning to improve coordination and access to services (e.g., involvement of exceptional community stakeholders in conducting an environmental scan, gap analysis, priority setting and strategic planning of any program);
    • start-up programs that the state lacks;
    • support for existing services and programs;
    • other projects that meet the overall purpose of the grant program as determined by the subcommittee.

    Funding Available

    A total of $50,000 is available to organizations every Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30). Grant amounts for every award period will vary with no single grant to exceed the determined cap. A fifty percent (50%) matching fund may or may not be required.

    Who is Eligible?

    Organizations eligible to apply for funding are identified in statute (C.R.S. 26-21-107.7) and are strictly limited to:

    • private nonprofit or not-for-profit community-based organizations;
    • local governments (municipal, county, etc.);
    • state agencies; or
    • state-operated programs.


    July 1 or before — Distribution of the grant application, budget template, and guidelines

    July 31 — Deadline for final applications

    October 1 — Approval of the recommended awards by the Colorado Department of Human Services Executive Director

    List of Notification

    Please contact the CCDHH office at 720-457-3679 or to add your organization to our list of notification. This is for those who are interested in receiving our grant application when it is available on or before July 1st every year.